About me!

Hello everyone and welcome to Everything about Photography website. Photography has always been a passion to me. I started at sixteen years old when I use the money my parents gave to me as a gift for my birthday to buy my very own camera to start my adventure.

Of course at that moment I had no clue on which camera to buy or how to even start learning. Over the years, I have found difficult to filter all the information about products, accessories, books, tutorials, etc that we can find on the Internet, so the main purpose of this website is to compile that information and to give you a quick access to the products in order to easily find them and purchase them on the web.

My passion for capturing all…!

So, as I comment before, I started my hobby at 16 years old, when I use the money of my birthday gift to buy my very own camera. You should be thinking that I bought a very big sophisticated professional one. But no, what I got was a simple, compact very modest Samsung NV30! and I actually learned a lot about capturing moments and framing with that little one. Later, as my interest for photography grew up, I bought a Fujifilm Finepix HS20 EXR that I have use for several years now and that has been a great teacher to me. With this one, I did my first professional photography course and it has helped me improve my techniques over the years… And now, here I am, creating a new challenge for myself, my very own photography website to help you find the right information in the blink of an eye!

Making thing easier!

This website is intended for all levels photographers! Here you are going to find books, articles, accessories, products all in one simple website.

If you ever have any question, feel free to leave a comment below! I will be happy to help.

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