Digital Photography-Basic Notions 2

In order to present to you the best choices of 2019 it would be useful to retake some basic notions of photography so you can have a better idea of what are you are going to get and why. When I started it was really hard for me to know which camera I should buy because I didn’t have enough knowledge. I ended up asking a friend who recommended me my Fujifilm Finepix HS20. A really good camera to start with and that I have had for several years now.

You will not have to suffer as I did, so we are going to talk about some important things before you buy and we are going to clarify some myths.

The more Mega Pixels (MP) my camera has, the better!

FALSE!! See, this is not necessarily true, yes it is true that you will get a better resolution the higher the number of megapixel you have, but at the end this really depends on what you want to do and how are you going to use your images. So, to understand this you need to know what the number of MegaPixels can tell you about the camera and the image you will get. To start, let me show you how a camera works:

First, the rays get into the lenses and they are directed to the sensor. This sensor is going to transform the light into electrical signals that is going to assign a color to every pixel. After this, the photo goes to your memory card.

The sensor is divided into small areas, on area for each pixel. So, depending on the sensor size and the number of megapixels the camera has, the smaller the area can be assigned to every pixel.

The better the lenses, the better the rays are going to be directed to every part of the sensor and the better the sensor, the better your image will be. At the end, the quality of the image depends on the quality of the sensor and not only on the number of Megapixels. Also, it is important to take into consideration that the lenses play an important role in the quality of the image.

At the end, if you have a camera that has a high number of Megapixels, but a bad sensor and bad lenses are going to give you a bad image.

    Which is the advantage of having more Megapixels.

    At this point, it should be clear that more Megapixels does not mean that the image quality will be better. But, what advantages can offer to have more Megapixels. Sometimes, it could be useful to use just a part of your image, in this case, if you used a high number of Megapixels and you crop your photo, you will still have enough number of pixels to print your photo in a large size.

    For me, the principal advantage of the high number of Megapixels is the printing size! the higher the number of pixels you is use to take the photo, the larger you are going to being able to print your photo. It that case, if you are only going to publish your photo online, 5MP will be more than enough even is you cut it a little. If you are planning to use your photo for a billboard, you will need a higher number of MP depending on the size of the billboard.

    More Megapixels does not necessary mean a better camera

    In conclusion, I think I have show to you that more megapixels does not necessary mean that you will have a better camera. In later post I will explain more about how big you can print your photos!! I will discuss in detail more about pixel resolution, dpi resolution and print sizes.

    I hope you have enjoyed this short post about Megapixels!! If you have any question don’t hesitate in leaving a comment on the post, I will be more than happy to help you!!

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