Talking about motivation! – A self-learner journey!

Motivation! this is something I want to talk about because I have been asked several times in the past few months about motivation. Estefania, how do you keep that energy up, how are you so motivated to do this or that all the time?…

Even since I decided to start this blog I have been questioning myself a lot about everything!! Is this going to be read by someone? I am going to achieve to touch someone life? Why am I doing this exactly? Is it for me or for others? Considering that I am also learning about blogging, websites and writing all by myself I discover that the main keys to success are PATIENCE and TO BE NICE WITH MYSELF. Yes, be nice with yourself when you are trying to learn something new!! You don’t have to know it all from day 1.

To be honest, I am not always super motivated to write, to post or do something related to this blog, and you know what? That’s completely normal and it’s perfectly fine! You don’t have to be always supeeeer motivated to do something even if is an activity that you enjoy, what I do believe is that you do need to do something to get where you want be!

What does this mean? This mean that even if you are not always inspired, you always have to do what you promised (to yourself or to others). In order to do that I always say to myself : Estefania even 30 min of this is better that doing absolutely nothing about it. You can’t continue to postpone yours dreams every time you are not motivated or you are never going to be where you want to be.

Also, I believe it’s important TO NOT OBSESS WITH THE RESULTS. Life or success is not measured by how many likes do you have on Instagram, Facebook or whatever you are using. Only you can measure and establish what success means and how you will get it. Yes, It is important to have the support of your community and I am incredibly thankful with all the people that like my photos on my Instagram account  (@theuniverseofphotography)and those who are following my photography improvement, but at the end of the day if a photo did not receive the attention I was expecting, is not the end of the world, I am nice to myself and I repeat this: Estefania you are still learning, you are improving every day, with every photo you took in the past and you are taking now you are growing and that is success! that is what’s going to lead you to get what you want.

I know this website is mostly focused on sharing photography tips, ideas, equipment, reviews, etc. After all it is called “Everything about photography” but I actually though it would be nice to write a little about motivation since is important not only for photography but for life.

I hope you liked this post, don’t hesitate about leaving a comment, how  do you keep motivated? What do you say to yourself in order to keep going??