The 3 P’s of photography-Practice, Patience and Passion!

Hello again everyone!! As I have been building my Instagram account I have been I bit disconnected of writing but never apart from Photography, I have been researching, taking pictures in beautiful places and posting them in my Instagram account @theuniverseofphotography…

By doing this for few weeks, I discovered the 3 P’s of Photography: Practice, Patience and Passion!! Now, the time has come to share with you!!

Practice! The Key to success!

As anything in life, photography is a lot about PRACTICE!! to improve you will have practice a lot. It’s really easy to understand something in theory, but there is a big difference between theory and reality.

Of course, you can understand the idea of freezing movement by playing with the shutter speed, but doing it meanwhile you are trying to catch a bird before it’s gone when you have to be careful with aperture and ISO so you have an appropriate exposure is not that easy. Nevertheless, the more you practice, the faster you will improve these skills and it will be easier to catch that beautiful bird!!

My secret?? I take my camera everywhere I go!!

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Patience! A great lesson photography can give to you

I am not going to lie! I am the most impatient person I know!!! When I want something I want it NOW, I have been struggling a little with this my whole life. But, when I started with photography I noticed that PATIENCE is one of the most important things any photographer should have.

Not only because you have a lot to learn, since photography is not only about picking up the camera and shooting, specially when you are learning by yourself as I did and I am still doing you definitely need PATIENCE, but also because you need to learn to identify and to wait for the best moment to shoot. Does that beautiful sunset could be more intense in few minutes, or maybe waiting the sun to be in the exact position where you want it to be in order to have a great shot could take a while. For me, PATIENCE is one of the thing photography is making me improve in my personal life!

and REMEMBER: A good photographer does not take a photo, He/She creates it !! So, you will need PATIENCE to create the best shot!

Passion- The one we need for everything!

I will assume that if you are reading this blog now is because photography causes you butterfly in your stomach. For me, As an immigrant and sometimes a SOLO Traveller,  I spend a lot of time taking walks by myself. Yes, at the beginning was hard for me to adapt to being alone and to push myself to go whenever I wanted to go alone, specially when you came from South America, where the idea of a woman traveling alone is not well accepted.

Now, after 3 years living alone in Montreal, adapting, making new friends and traveling from time to time I have discovered that as long as I have my camera with me I am never truly alone. In fact, whenever I am planning a field trip to take some photos I usually prefer to be alone. As I said, you need to be patient to get the shot you want and sometimes others could have plans that you often have to follow.

How this is related to passion? Easy!! Photography is my escape, when I feel “alone” or when I want to plan a trip and nobody can come with me, I just take my camera and I go outside or I book that flight because I know that as long I have my camera, those butterflies will be there to share those precious moments with me!

The 3 P’s of photography-Practice, Patience and Passion!

In resume, photography can be resume in 3 words Practice, Patience and Passion!! So, remember you need

PRACTICE to improve your skills!

PATIENCE to create the shot you want!

PASSION to follow your dreams no matter what!

I hope you enjoyed this post!! Don’t hesitate on leaving comments or asking questions!! I will be more than happy to know you!