The camera does not make the photographer-My own improvement!

Thinking about helping you guys about photography I thought about showing you my own photography improvement!! So this post is merely made to show you my photos, from my beginning with my first compact camera, through my first photos with my fujifilm still in automatic mode, passing to play with speed and aperture adjustments to use my camera completely in manual (Best thing ever).

I must be honest, this journey for me is just starting!! So I still have a lot to learn myself but I have always thought that a good teacher is also a good student, and showing you guys my progress can inspired you to just get your camera and take the shot!! Nobody has born with knowledge and we are definitely better doing something than just thinking and dreaming about who we want to be…

I should say that all the photos that I post here are mine (Copyright), that means if you ever want to use them, I’ll be happy to share them but you will have to write to me first to

Now, lets started!!

My first photos with a compact camera!

Lets laugh a little first!! This photo was not taken for me!! It was actually a friend of mine who allows me to use on my post! You will be wondering which one is me, I’ll give you a hint, there is a big red arrow pointing at me!! Here you have it, that sweet innocent girl trying to make a nice photo with a compact camera, dreaming about becoming a photographer! Well, I will tell you one thing with that compact camera I took this photo:

Maybe not a World Press winning photo, but considering that I was just starting and using a compact camera I believe I did a pretty good job. I took that photo in the city of Barquisimeto (Cubiro to be more specific) in Venezuela, around 2011, I was on a family trip for Christmas holidays, in this beautiful, but a little boring to a 21 years old girl, place, so I spent many hours of that 2 weeks trip taking photos.

Unfortunately, I lost many of those photos but I did save a special one. This photo is a beautiful calla flower (My favorites) with a tiny ant climbing the flower!! I sent that photo to National Geographic, and guess what, I got published in the National Geographic website!! I promise, if I found the link to that publication I will share it with you!

This just prove something to you, it is not the camera that makes the photographer! 🙂 Here is the photo:

Improving with a Fujifilm FinePix HS20 EXR

I bought my first beautiful baby around 2013, I was 23 years old and I was excited about improving my skills. At the beginning I used a lot my new camera in automatic mode, as many of you will probably do if you are beginners. So, I will start by showing you one of the best photos I did with this camera just using the automatic mode.

I really like this one! I took it in Cayo Sombrero (Falcon) in Venezuela! the most beautiful beach ever!! At that time, I was really interested in Macro photography (I will make a post about this later), so I took my camera in automatic mode, I use it the automatic macro function and I approach the most that I could to that insect!! It did cost me a good burn on my knees though hahaha maybe I should make a post about photography and personal safety!! xD

After my first professional photography course!

I learned a lot by just playing around with my camera and researching a little on the internet! Nevertheless, I wanted more!! I wanted to really improve, so I took two photography courses in Caracas (my city). I learned a lot about exposure and how to use the camera in manual or semi-automatic mode.

The photo that I’ll show next was taking in Caracas, Venezuela around 2015. At that moment, we have been taught about using the camera controlling just one parameter. We could choose to play with the speed (by using the S mode of your camera, you will control the speed but the aperture and the ISO will be automatic set by the camera) or by playing with the aperture (the A mode of your camera, same principle). So I decided to play with the Speed and try to froze movement!

I took two really good friends and I put them TO JUMP!!! here is the result:

Getting myself in Manual mode!

The most scary setting of your camera!! the little M of the controls that tells you that you will be in full control of the exposure!! Oh my God!! it is finally you in control of the camera and not the opposite! I must say, it is scary and it is definitely not easy to use the camera en Manual mode, but If that sweet girl of the first picture with that tiny compact camera could do it, you can do it too. As I always say, more doing and less thinking people.

I took this picture in the summer of 2018 in Montreal (where I currently live). It was at this moment the most amazing sunset I have seen in a city and taking the picture in Manual mode allowed me to capture the real colors of that sunset and emphasize what I wanted to show in that photo.

The camera doesn’t make the photographer

I have always been annoyed by those who say, of course you took a great picture! you have a really good camera… Seriously guys, photography takes a lot of creativity, a good eye, and a bunch of studies, but don’t let any of that to scare you!! Just take your camera and DO IT!

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  1. Photographs are about composition. Angle. Depth of field. Focus. If you have your camera set to ‘manual’ then these are all down to the photographer. Not the camera. Good for you, you have taken some amazing photos, all by yourself. Your camera is nothing but a tool. Great post, well done 🙂

  2. Love these pics and love hearing about your journey! I can’t wait to see what else you do:) So exciting that your lily was featured in one of National Geographic’s posts! That’s so cool. I’ve been questioned lately about the camera I use and for advice and I’m like…it’s my phone?? lol So, like you said, it’s not all about the equipment but the person taking the picture as well. 🙂

    1. Thank you Jennifer!! I am happy that you enjoyed the post and my personal story!! It is pretty amazing what phone camera can do now!! I am helping some friends with their business and I am constantly making pictures for them! As they only need them online, most of the time I use just my phone and I make great photos that I can easily share so they can post it quickly!! So keep going with that phone. In later posts I will talk about some cool apps you can use to improve those phone photos… Best of lucks!!

  3. I thought this was a great post, I could feel your enthusiasm through your words. The progression you demonstrated here was fantastic! Taking us through your growth from a compact automatic camera and then the upgrade to a more sophisticated camera and ultimately going full manual.

    You definitely have a photographer’s eye, the pictures were impressive!

    Made me want to pick up a camera!

    1. Thank you very much Joe!! I enjoyed a lot to read your comment!! is really nice of you!! If your are getting a camera soon, wait until my next post! I will give some recommendation about the latest on the market.. best wishes for you!

  4. There’s so much more to photography than just the camera. I worked with professional photographers in the past and we would do test photos with the cell phone before going onto the actual camera itself. Even his cell pics were amazing. I’ve always been awed by how photographers capture such breathtaking photos. It’s truly an art and a skill within itself. Your work is awesome, too. The sunset pic in Montreal was my favorite.

  5. Hi,
    You have some beautiful pictures here. I love the one with the insect. I never realized until I took a photography course how much actually goes into taking a picture. It’s true that the camera is only your tool because you have to know how to use it to produce great pictures. It is fun though, once you get the hang of it. I have a Canon Rebel T5, what do you think of this camera? I was thinking of getting something different but don’t know which way to go.


    1. Hi Jen! thanks for your comment! Exactly, when we get some photography courses we can see how much work we can do with the camera. The Canon Rebel T5 is a really good camera to start! really affordable so perfect when you are just learning, and have all the functions to put yourself in the photography world 😉

  6. Maravillosas fotos hija, realmente llevas la fotografía en la sangre y con la misma pasión que la llevaba tu abuelo cuando hacia sus composiciones fotográficas, realmente a veces quisiera uno tener todo el tiempo una buena cámara en sus manos para poder atrapar los bellos momentos que nos ofrece la naturaleza y y la creación de Dios. se que tienes maravillosas fotos guardadas en tu computadora realizadas en los viajes que hacíamos acá en Venezuela, sobre todo a las playas de Tucacas en los hermosos cayos de Morrocoy, como tu dices “la Cámara no hace al Fotógrafo” yo pienso que al Fotógrafo lo hace su Sensibilidad por las cosas bellas de la vida. mis mas sinceras felicitaciones Hija mía.

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